Beware of Buzz Words

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In the search for new and relevant knowledge on any topic we sometimes find ourselves seduced by phrases that convey ideas that we hope are true. Some times these words come close to the reality but fall short. Sometimes certain people take advantage of their existence and popularity for personal gain at the expense of misguiding or “bending” the real truth.

In the world of medicine, particularly surgery, buzz words have been created to attract people to particular procedures. BODY SCULPTURE is a phrase that has no basis in the reality of the surgery that is actually performed. The body is not made of soapstone, wood, ice or any other media associated with creative art. The phrase does though make one feel that the surgeon is an artist and that he/she is handling the body more delicately than the surgeon who calls the procedure for what it really is, which is liposuction and/or skin excision. STEM CELL SURGERY is still a good distance away from being realistically available. Grafting fat to an area does not constitute stem cell treatment. Stem cells exist most abundantly in our bone marrow and harvesting them from fat cells is best done in young people with multiple steps required to isolate very small amounts. For what organ treatment and what method to achieve tissue improvement has yet to be clearly established. ROBOTICS is in its infancy and expertise in its use is not extended to all procedures. Time and experience will help determine its true practical use.

When you are in a medical office, make sure you understand the true meaning of the latest buzz words floating in the waiting room. Just ask the doctor.