Bad News is Good News (for some people)

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There is a large percentage of the population that loves to hear stories that are less than complimentary, especially about topics that they may have an interest in but are too afraid to explore on their own. They cling to bad news that is hearsay especially about cosmetic procedures. This makes certain people feel good about not venturing out and convinces them that they made the right choice about not pursuing aesthetic endeavors. They poo poo their friends thoughts about self improvement with unreliable and unsubstantiated “facts”.

I hear stories from patients (from their friends) about fat after liposuction “traveling to other parts of the body”, facelifts that don’t work “if you sleep on your side”, breast implants that “have to be replaced after 7-10 years”, aesthetic procedures “don’t work on someone who has tanned”, and many more tales and urban legends.

Nothing could be further from the truth. One has to take into account the source of the news and the motivation. For every person that sits in consultation with me there are ten who wish but do not have the courage to find out.