Are The Results Permanent?

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Many times after discussing a procedure or surgery I am asked if the results are permanent! I know full well what the person means but I can’t help myself asking back “are you permanent?”.

I apologize and explain that almost every esthetic procedure improves the appearance AND sets the time clock back. The clock continues to tick but the overall result is that the appearance is more youthful and dynamic in comparison to the person’s real age. This difference between age and appearance is maintained even though the clock inexorably continues to run. Sometimes a patient appears 15-20 years after facial surgery (for example) complaining that they appear to need the surgery again! I explain that the procedure they need now is much less involved since the effects of their previous surgery are still present.

I state “think what you would look like today if you didn’t have the original procedure”.

No, results are not permanent but the dividends last “forever”.