A Minor Scar Might Be Reduced by a Laser Resurfacing Treatment

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Scars are essentially dermal aberrations that are often associated with a past laceration or burn that healed abnormally. In some of these cases, a latent infection could also have interrupted the skin’s natural ability to heal.

Sometimes even a minor scar in a highly visible location can have a significant impact on your self-image and self-confidence. In a situation like this, you should consider setting up a consultation appointment at Dr. Leon Goldstein’s cosmetic surgery clinic.

Dr. Leon Goldstein and his team can assess the severity of the scar and help you understand the most effective methods for minimizing the scar’s visible impact.  

This might involve a laser resurfacing treatment to alter the appearance of a small or slightly raised scar. This simple outpatient treatment is designed to remove a modest amount of the upper dermal layers. While the laser resurfacing not fully remove the scar, it can effectively lessen its appearance while also smoothing its relationship to the surrounding dermal tissues.

Dr. Leon Goldstein will provide you with any necessary recovery measures. This might include applying a topical antibiotic cream and routine changing of bandages.

If you live in the Madison, Connecticut, area and you have an unappealing scar that you should like reduced, you should call 203-245-0350 to set up a laser resurfacing consultation at The Office of Dr. Leon Goldstein.