Cosmetic Surgery Can Help Improve Quality of Life

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The human psyche is a complex thing. Topics like body image, social phobia, depression and body dysmorphia can spark polarizing debates throughout our culture. It’s also worth noting that many individuals who seek out cosmetic services are dealing with serious medical or cosmetic issues that impact their quality of life.... Read more »

Eleven Factors to Consider when Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

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The number of truly qualified surgeons performing cosmetic surgery is being swamped by the number of surgeons and non surgeons practicing aesthetic procedures. Its a wild west show out there and one should take into consideration some important guidelines to help with a happy outcome. 1 Look for a board... Read more »

Understanding Rhinoplasty

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Do you feel nervous about your nose or physical appearance? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of people worry about their appearance. With your nose in the middle of your face, it’s easy to feel embarrassed or self-conscious about it. That is why many people choose to have a... Read more »