The See-Saw Battle over Pain Meds

We are a country of fads fueled by our bipolar swings from one extreme to the other. I remember entering the field of medicine and the pervading attitude about pain meds was to limit their use as much as possible and be judicious with quantities and dosage. Then the culture changed fueled by... Read more »

When Can I Exercise?

One of the most common questions asked right before and right after surgery. From a physiological aspect the timing depends on the span of surgery. The more invasion the longer the recovery(but usually a better result). Injury whether intentional like surgery or accidental initiates wound healing that requires multiple steps;... Read more »

Post-op Pain

Everyone is afraid of pain following surgery or any semi-invasive procedure. Pain is usually secondary to swelling which follows any form of injury. We can help limit this discomfort if we logically and intuitively decrease our activity after any operation. This does not mean that we should lie in bed,... Read more »

Pain Perception

Pain is both real and perceived. Everyone's response is based on biophysics and emotion. Emotion can of course play a big or small role depending on our psychological state of mind. Nonetheless the majority of our pain is based on very real biophysical and biochemical events. To simplify this event... Read more »

Post-Op Domino Effect

People always wonder why areas of injury or surgery hurt more so many hours after activity has stopped or when they are just plain resting at night and not moving at all. The reason for this all too true phenomenon is the fact that the site of surgery has extra... Read more »