Breast Reduction: Not Just For Women

As men become more aware of their physical appearance one area that has been a source of embarrassment and reticence to discuss  is breast size. While it is recognized that women have breasts whether large, small, droopy or otherwise, there is no public uneasiness. Not so with male breasts. The... Read more »

Preventing Post-Operative “Blood Clots”

The general public knows pulmonary emboli as "blood clots to the lungs". This rare occurrence starts with venous blood clotting in the legs or pelvic region. The clotted blood then can travel to the lungs where it can affect a significant portion of the lungs ability to oxygenate the body. There are... Read more »

The Boardroom Look: A Quick Neck Lift for Men and Women

As a follow up to the  recent tummy tuck post, another procedure that is not limited to women is the neck lift. The discussion is about the various methods to improve the neck other than the traditional surgical method associated with a face lift. The clean, well-defined, almost chiseled, neck/chin profile is sought after in the boardroom... Read more »

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty): Not just for Women

As we continue to try and improve our physical appearance with exercise and diet, we sometimes need a little bit of help from aesthetic surgery. Men are beginning to notice and appreciate what a tummy tuck can do for women and realize that the surgery can help them a great deal... Read more »

Tummy Tucks: Becoming a More Popular Procedure

Abdominoplasty or as it is more commonly known "Tummy Tuck" is gaining more popularity and has become noticed by the media. As usual there is often a slanted view in order to be provocative and gain an audience. Recently a piece was published in "Live Science" entitled "Tummy Tucks May... Read more »

Laser Liposuction: A Welcome Addition

There are many new procedures, machines and spa skin aesthetics that everyone is bombarded with on a daily basis. Most turn out to be completely bogus or at the very least, disappointing. It is the responsibility of the physician to make some logical sense, based on science and data outcome,... Read more »

After Liposuction, Will Fat Comeback Worse?

No! Unless one overeats. Liposuction is the only truly permanent procedure. It removes fat by suctioning out fat cells that contain the adipose tissue. These cells do not regrow. Therefore there are fewer cells in the area after treatment. When  overeating occurs weight is gained, but now it is stored in other areas that... Read more »

Urban Legends II: Fiction as Truth

Approximately 3 years ago I mentioned how a "general knowledge"  erroneous statement about breast implants pervaded the Internet. This urban legend that implants need to be exchanged after 10 years just will not go away, no matter how many facts and the truth are published.Perhaps the origin of this misinformation stems from several clinical... Read more »

Liposuction “Urban legend”

I have to interrupt my discussion of different laser treatments in order to address a horrible grievance against liposuction. It was made apparent to me that liposuction (liposculture, etc) is "the most dangerous cosmetic procedure" because of several horror stories that have been reported by the media. I agree that... Read more »

Mommy Makeover

A popular new combination of surgeries has hit the late 30's to 50's crowd. Women finished having babies are looking in the mirror and noticing saggy breasts and abdomen. These are areas that naturally age and with the added physical stress of pregnancy can look in need of some rejuvenation... Read more »